Found True Love After Nine Months

I was at lunch with a girlfriend the other day and bought an Honest Tea (if you haven't tried them, do it! They're delicious!). The company does something really cute and put quotes submitted by the drinkers under the bottle caps. Thankfully I remembered to take a peek at mine and it said, "'Found true love after nine months' Jody Smith".

For those of you that may not know me, I had a baby five months ago. Another fun fact about me is I believe that the Universe holds our destiny. I think that even something as small as a quote on a bottle cap that I happened to pick up at the salad shop in Santa Monica where I go 2 times a year is fate. They were the sweetest words I needed to hear at that very moment.

Motherhood has been tougher than I thought. I have 2 younger brothers, babysat my whole youth, was a camp counselor and even nannied for a family in NYC during college, but NOTHING can prepare you for motherhood. Until you've gone through it, don't even bother imagining what it will be like. Of course it's different for every mom, but since becoming a mother I've never met another woman who has said it's exactly how she had imagined it. The rollercoaster of emotions, lack of sleep and cluelessness (thank God for Google! How did our parents do it?!) are how I spent my first three months. But, after some time, patience and realizing I needed to let go of all control I feel I have finally found my rhythm.

Now I know what mothers mean when they say, "It's like a love you've never felt before." Now I know how to get my baby to sleep 12 hours through the night (thank you Google, sleep training & formula!). Now I know what it's like to look at that tiny little human, with the most genuine smile on his face, and feel all the love in the world bursting through your heart.

And so, Jody Smith, whoever you are and wherever you are: thank you for warming my heart and reminding me that I am lucky to say that I too have found true love after nine months. I love you Finn.

Xo, Kaitlin (a.k.a. Mom)