National Puppy Day


Today is #NationalPuppyDay, which makes me think about my amazing Golden Retriever, Parker.

Parker still looks likes like a puppy and it feels like yesterday, but we got her 4 years ago! I'll never forget picking her up with my best friend, Stacey. My boyfriend (now husband) and I picked her out based on photos we saw online and got to pick her up at 8 weeks old. I was teary-eyed as soon as I saw her and full blown cried when I held her for the first time. It was love at first sight and I knew she was meant to be part of our family.

The love and happiness Parker has brought to our family is insurmountable. From fun days like taking her to the beach for the first time or time spent cuddling on the couch, I can't imagine our lives without her. Having her since she was a puppy taught me a lot about how Ryan would be as a dad and how he and I would be as parents (he is good cop and I'm bad cop).

She was our first baby and we spoiled her rotten. When our human baby, Finn, came along, Parker took a back seat. The first 6 weeks of Finn's life it was hard to even remember to walk her, let alone get time to play and cuddle. Everything she did seemed to get in the way and she became a hassle instead of my buddy and playmate. Now that Finn is 5 months old, I feel I finally have time and energy for Parker again. Not only do I have time to give her lots of love, but she has proven to be the best big sister to her baby brother. Goldens are naturally known to be great around people and other dogs, but she has always been especially sweet and gentle around the baby.

My husband always says Parker was the best decision we ever made and I have to agree. She will always be my first baby and I'm glad I can celebrate her today. Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Comment below and tell us about the favorite pup in your life!

Xo, Kaitlin