One Beautiful Thought

Dove France just came out with a new campaign around #OneBeautifulThought. As always, the Dove commercials get me a bit teary-eyed. Check it out here:

The best question asked at the end is, "If it's not acceptable to say to someone else, why say it to ourselves?"

Why are we, especially women, so hard on ourselves? I, Ms. Positive-Thinker, admit to thinking some of these negative things about myself on a daily basis, but tend to brush it aside like it's normal. What this commercial made me realize is that if I were to say them out loud to someone else, or even out loud to myself, it obviously would not be brushed off as easily. I wonder when (most likely during our youth) this started to happen. Was it the magazines we read? TV we watched? Friends we made? I know I, personally, am very hard on myself, but am very uplifting to others. Why can't I raise myself up? Why can't I have 'One Beautiful Thought' and stick to it all day? That's my new goal. Pick one positive, beautiful thought and hold it close any time a negative thought pops in. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am a great mother. Can you imagine the energy shift if we all thought this way?

This commercial reminds me to do a better job talking myself up instead of down, as I would for any friend in my life. Bravo Dove, you've done it again. #SpeakBeautiful