Stop and Smell the Roses

I stepped outside the office for a walk with my friend Jen yesterday as I just needed a break from my desk.  I had spent the morning bombarded by multiple co-workers and vendors with what seemed to be unreasonable requests and I just needed a break.  A break to step outside, get some fresh air, grab coffee and just chat with a friend. 

As we walked up to the coffee shop, I realized that all I was doing was taking this energy up the street with me as I continued to complain about how I felt and the way people were treating me.  I bitched, talked about how angry I felt at time and just vented to her.  While this felt great at the time to get off my chest, I realized that getting out of the office and walking outside was my chance to get away from the office. It was my chance to escape the reality of working in a situation that is not always aligned with my passions and what I'd like to be doing.  We grabbed coffee and as my walked back, I decided to change my perspective.

I was outside on a beautiful day, walking with a friend, chatting about life and there were so many other beautiful things in this world to talk about rather than how unhappy I was.  Similarly to Kaitlin's post from yesterday, I am the only one in control of my emotions. I am the only one that can determine how I feel and dwelling on others actions towards me in the morning was not going to help anything.

I snapped this picture on the way back just before we stepped back in the office door.  It was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning and I am an extremely lucky girl.  Kind of like the typical saying, "It's important to stop and smell the roses", this is exactly what I had to do.  Snapping this picture and taking a brief moment to appreciate the beauty around me was exactly what I needed.  Thank you Mother Nature. ;)

xo, Stacey