Being a Good Friend

What does being a good friend mean to you? Maybe you're there for your girlfriend with wine and pizza after she's had a bad breakup. Maybe it's bringing a friend soup when they're not feeling well. Maybe it's walking a friend's dog who can't get home from work in time. Whatever it is, being a good friend includes going out of your way to do something for someone else that may not always benefit you.

The other day my friend, Laura not only proved to be a good friend to me, but a good friend to one of my other close friends whom we'll name X. A bunch of friends were out to drinks and Laura overheard us talking about our friend X that just started looking for a new job. She's been unhappy in her current role for awhile now and finally had the courage to start looking and interview elsewhere. When Laura heard us talking about her situation, she could have easily nodded, acted interested and let the moment pass by until she could talk about something else. Instead, Laura mentioned she knew someone in the same field at a prestigious company that may be able to help my friend X. Not only did Laura mention it, but she followed up the next day saying she reached out to her friend and got a response.

Laura took being a good friend to the next level. I love when friends surprise me with their amazing character and heart. I knew Laura was a great friend, but her compassion for my other friend who wasn't even present showed me what a wonderful person she truly is.

Laura made me question how I can be a better friend to all those around me. I am so lucky to have a friend who is such a good example of what friendship really means. Thank you for being you, Laura.