Failure is What Failures Worry About

I was reading an article in Spirituality & Health, one of my favorite magazines, titled, "How Do I Fund My Big Dream?". The reader wrote in about wanting to raise $50,000 for a movie that was his big life dream, but not wanting it to end badly. The advice columnist, Paul Sutherland, responded:

"For me, life is about manifesting: going after your dreams. It is not about being safe from an ego point of view. A successful life is about taking risks. What can go wrong with your $50,000 dream? Failure! What is failure? Seems to me that failure is what failures worry about."

It got me thinking about all of the big dreams I'm holding back on just because I'm scared of failure. When I really stop and think about failure, it doesn't seem all that scary. Actually, every past failure I can think of has taught me something about life and/or myself. Failure can sometimes be the key to success. Without it, no one would ever try anything new and then where would we be?

After reading this article, I can't wait to go try something new that I may have been too scared to try before. How about you? What does failure look like to you? Is it stopping you from following your dreams? Really ask yourself why and try to change that thought.

Xo, Kaitlin