As you know, my girlfriend Laura is visiting this week from Charleston, SC.  We grew up together so I know almost everything about her... and one thing being... she loves spontaneous adventures and road trips!!! We've gone on a number of road trips in our time and this week was no exception. As we were wine tasting with Kaitlin the other night, we brought up Santa Barbara.  Laura has never been to Santa Barbara and I took Friday off so, when in Rome right?

My friend Jess joined us and we hit the road Friday morning to cruise up the California coast.  Wine tasting and making new friends, we had such a blast!  Spending time together and just talking girl talk was awesome.  We actually booked the hotel on Hotels Tonight and didn't know we booked a room with one King bed so the three of us got real close by end of the trip! Ha! Waking up the next morning full of giggles and hashing out the day before was the best.

Moments like this and fun trips out of the blue with your girlfriends are exactly what life is all about.  I thank Laura for always reminding me to live life to the fullest and embrace every possibility and new adventure that comes my way. #winenot ;)

xo, Stacey