Patience is a Virtue

As I have 'grown up' (if that's what you want to call it) I've learned that I may not always be the most patient person in the room.  I guess 'patience' is something I always thought I had, but as I sit through traffic frustrated trying to weave through cars, tap my foot in line at the grocery store or click my pen sitting through a meeting, I've learned that maybe patience is something I actually really need to work on.

Recently my patience level has really been put to the test in a few different situations.  I've realized that sometimes my lack of patience may in fact affect other people and how they feel. While I never want to influence another's mood in a negative way, I think I've have begun to feel that sometimes my frustration, anxiety or restlessness is just [straight up] unnecessary.  What's the point of enjoying the moment when you can't even relax enough to enjoy it?

Reflecting back on the past situations that really put my patience level to the test, I am now more aware that this lack of patience does not benefit myself or anyone around me.  Obviously my perspective and habits may not change overnight, but I now know this is something I can work on.  Sometimes it feels like a third grade lesson that still comes back to bite ya, but as they say, 'Patience is a virtue' and I hope to continue down the path to creating this new perspective and calm in my life.  And no, this is not an April Fool's joke ;)

xo, Stacey