Happy National Sibling Day!!!  Personally, this day makes me so happy because I adore my brother and sister SO much.  Not only do they each inspire me in different ways to become my best possible self, but I know that I can call them anytime for advice, a good laugh, a taste of home, just to vent or anything else that I would ever need. They are always there for me and never fail to remind how fun and exciting life truly is.

I am the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother -aka- I'd like to call myself the lucky one because I get the experience of having both an older sibling and a younger sibling. My younger brother, David, lives in Boston and has recently taken off with a new passion of his - performing standup and improv comedy.  He constantly books shows and events. It is obvious how much he loves it and that makes me so happy.  Years ago, I never would have thought that the baby of the family would really light up on stage, but the crowd loves him and you can see he is truly in his element.  David always has my family laughing and he shows me how important it is to laugh at yourself, have a good time and not to take life too seriously.

That leads me to my older sister, Lindsay.  Lindsay basically encompasses everything I hope to be in a woman.  She is compassionate, positive, smart, comforting, a loving wife and now an incredible mother.  My sister always knows the right thing to say, has the best advice, knows how to make me feel better when I'm down, encourages me to be my best self and ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  Seeing her as a new mom this past year has me floored.  I didn't think I could look up to her any more than I already did.  I can honestly say that after seeing how gracious she has been as a mother, so loving and adoring of her child, I would be lucky to hold these qualities when I am a mother one day.  I cherish every moment that I spend with her and my new nephew, Connor.  Seeing Lindsay and the family that she's created with her husband and son, I can only hope to have such love in my life in the future. If you haven't already seen, Lindsay is also our April Beauty of the Month so make sure to check her out! :)

My siblings are incredible and prove to me each and every day to love wholeheartedly, cherish family, laugh until you're crying and embrace each day.  I love you Lindsay and David.  Thank you for being two of the most incredible siblings I could ever ask for.

xo, Stacey