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Last week I talked about trying something new in order to steer your life in a new direction.

I actually took those words to heart and changed it up a bit. As most of you know, I'm a new mom and the first few weeks and months after my son was born took a little getting accustomed to. Now that he is sleeping through the night (yay!) and getting older, easier and more fun, I finally feel I have time and energy to exude outside of being a mom. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but as my life got more comfortable I felt the only way to break outside of my comfort zone was to try something new.

I have volunteered at various organizations over the years, mostly working with kids, and thought it was a good time to give back again. Thank God for Google. I researched volunteer opportunities in my zip code and the website PS: I Love You came up. I checked it out and it seemed right up my alley. Their main objective is to, "ensure that all at-risk children [they] reach through [their] programs and events feel loved and derive skills that support their development and healthy sense of self", something I wish I had when I was younger, and I didn't even grow up at-risk.

As I was filling out the contact form a testimonial came up about a second grader who was able to participate in their Yoga 123 program. I immediately felt my heart skip a beat as I practice yoga daily and would have loved to find it sooner in life. I can't say enough about the positive and transformational effects it has had on my mood and well-being: sharing it with children has always been a dream of mine. Finding that I could combine my love of working with kids and my love of yoga was a dream come true!

Long story short, I met with the founder soon after I reached out and one of their main yoga teachers just got a full time job and was unavailable to teach her class any longer. I jumped at the chance to fill it and am starting my first class this week!

The second I made the choice to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new, not only was I able to help those in need, but my own life changed for the better.

Dare to be great and you just might surprise yourself!

xxoo, Kaitlin