Beautiful vs. Average

As you know from our previous blog post, Kaitlin and I are very big fans of Dove and their beauty campaigns inspiring women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.  Their most recent campaign, #ChooseBeautiful, shows two doors into a building with large signs displaying 'Beautiful' on one side and 'Average' on the other with the intent of having women pick which door to enter through.  The video interviews women from around the world explaining why they chose the door they walked through, what their perception of beautiful is and how they may have felt after a week of choosing which door to walk through.

One women stood out to me in particular. She asked herself as she walked through the door, hand-in-hand with her son, "Am I choosing this because of what I'm being told and what is constantly bombarded at me, or am I choosing because of what I believe?"

Listening to these women and hearing how they felt about each of the doors comes as both a surprise to me and not at the same time.  For the women that walked through the Average door, my first thought is each time is "Don't do it!" "Stop!" "There's no way!", and then I realize that women put so much pressure on themselves to look PERFECT that they feel if perfection is not met, they've failed in some way.  Watching these women and knowing so deeply in my heart that they are truly beautiful and stunning, my hope is that the world takes note of these campaigns and realizes that true beauty comes from within.  Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans, the color of your hair or the label on your clothing, but how you feel on the inside.  Every single woman in this beautiful world should walk through the Beautiful door and I thank Dove for taking these steps to inspiring women of their own true beauty.

xo, Stacey