A Smell is Worth 1,000 Words

Today I got out of the shower and used a lotion I haven't used since I was pregnant. I was very into buying all organic, holistic and natural products to make sure my body and baby (inside and out) were taken care of. The smell of the lotion wasn't my favorite, but I used it almost every morning and every evening of my pregnancy.

My husband and I are lucky enough to own a beautiful home. We have a deep tub that I used almost every night. I used to fill it to the top, light some candles, pull out a book and relax while watching my belly grow bigger and bigger out of the top of the water. I remember thinking those were the last nights I would have time for a relaxing bath for awhile and relishing talking to my baby in my belly. After my bath I would lather on the lotion to ward off stretch marks and be fully relaxed for a restless night of tossing, turning and getting up to pee every hour on the hour.

Fast forward to today, the day my son turned 7 months old, when I hopped out of the shower and randomly grabbed the lotion I hadn't used since he was in my belly. As I was slathering it on, the smell brought up so many nostalgic feelings. Feelings of watching my sons foot rubbing the outer edges of my belly as I laid in the bath. The memories of laying in bed with my husband, talking to my belly, telling him how excited we were for him to arrive. As all these thoughts and feelings were coming back to me, I turned around to my son's smiling face: in awe that just 7 months ago he was still a part of me. I let him play in the bath tub (with no water) while I take showers or get ready to go out at night. It's a place he has always loved to be, water or not, and somewhere inside I'm sure he remembers taking all of those baths with me.

I am so excited that he's here and we can play together, but I will say, the only bath time around we get now is when he's in it, kicking and screaming with delight. Relaxing baths for mom are few and far between.

xxoo, K