What Would Your Shirt Say?

As I was out yesterday morning on my #RunStaceRun adventure, I jogged past a guy walking with his baby boy wearing a t-shirt that said "Beach Dad".  My initial reaction was, "Well duh... You're walking seaside in Southern California with you cute little baby boy, is it really necessary to wear a shirt labeling yourself?"  Then I start to think about what it would be like if everyone wore a shirt that defined themselves so boldly in a matter of two words. 

Would we change our shirt based on the day or our mood?  How would they describe us and what would others interpret from these labels?  It made me start to look around at all the others out for their morning walk and I was curious what each of them would say.  What are they up to this morning? What are they thinking about? How would they describe themselves? What is their story?

I've continued to think what my shirt would label me as but I'm slightly stumped. Coconut Connoisseur. Beach Lover. Yoga Enthusiast. Single. Coffee Please. Curious. #RunStaceRun. Panting. Happy. Aunt. I DONT KNOW. 

It just goes to show that you never know who you're walking by, sitting next to at a coffee shop or standing in line by in the grocery store.  You never know what their story is and how they would describe themselves in just a few short words. Sometimes, it's hard to even label your own shirt. What would your shirt say?

xo, Stacey