Enough is Enough

There seems to never be enough time for anything. Never enough time for a workout, never enough time to get some alone time (whether that's away from work or a son/daughter), and never enough time to run errands (like to the post office to send the "Congratulations on Your New Baby" card and gift). Even as I write this I am missing bath time with my son, something all moms with a deadline can understand.

So many, if not ALL, of us have a never ending to-do list. And, most of the time, when I delete something off of my list, I add 2 more action items! When does it end? Do we ever get everything done and feel at peace with what we have accomplished?

I asked myself this today as I was scrambling to get everything done with an infant whining for attention. What did I accomplish? As I pieced together my day I realized I accomplished a lot more than I thought. I went to yoga (workout - CHECK), I had a hair appointment (took time for me - CHECK), and I may not have made it to the post office, but I got to spend quality time with my son, which is at the top of my to-do list every day (CHECK).

If I look back on all my days, I actually accomplish more than I give myself credit for. Just because I may not finish everything on my to-do list does not warrant thinking I'm a failure. And FYI, our to-do lists will never be finished because that is the point of life. As my favorite teacher, Abraham says:

You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong. Life is supposed to be fun: you are creator, you are a focusing mechanism, and you are here in an environment that is very conducive to that. When you get hold of an idea, play it out for the pleasure in it. If you are doing it for any other reason, then you are not connecting to your Source Energy.

Have fun with your to-do list. Give yourself a break. Enjoy each day and all that you accomplish and know that it is enough and YOU are enough.

xxoo, Kaitlin

PS: I WILL make it to the post office tomorrow... I hope.