Friends That Feel Like Family

I, unfortunately, live 3,000 miles away from every one of my immediate family members. Having a baby without those family members around can be difficult. I can't drop the baby off when I need to run an errand, I don't have anyone knocking on my door begging me to babysit their nephew/grandson and it can sometimes feel a little lonely.

Thankfully, I am lucky to have friends that feel like family. Not only do I have the most crazy fun, amazing, thoughtful friends, but these friends have been with me through thick and thin. These are the friends that brought me dinner when my baby was 2 weeks old and I could barely get enough sleep, let alone feed myself. These are the friends who sit at brunch and talk me through my hardships with balancing being a mother, wife, sister and friend. These are the friends that show up when I need them most. My brother was recently visiting & these are the friends I had over to Sunday dinner because they're the friends that ARE my family.

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have friends like these in their life. If not, follow along the Your Beautiful Story journey & make some! We have an amazing connection going on here and hope you befriend some of these amazing women from around the world!

xxoo, Kaitlin