You Always Have a Choice

Right now I have the choice whether to work out or write this blog post. I am choosing to workout. Be right back ;-)

Every day we have choices to make. Usually they're small choices like what to eat for lunch or what time to leave for work. The big choices, like whether or not to stay at a job you may not like, are significant because if acted upon they change our lives drastically and almost immediately. If you leave that job, you're out of work and wondering where your next paycheck is coming from. Today, though, I thought about how those small choices have big impacts too.

Let's take my lunch today as an example. I chose a salad, but I wanted a pizza. Even though choosing my lunch is a small decision that I make every day of my life, that salad actually nourished my body and possibly made me more slender for that bikini I'm wearing next week. It definitely had a more positive impact on my body and well-being than having that pizza I really wanted.

There's a butterfly effect where small choices can cause large effects elsewhere. It's hard to see day-to-day, choosing whether or not to work out or whether or not to eat healthy, but those small choices are actually causing drastic changes to your body and health overall.

My goal is to try to remember this daily so that when I make the small choices I am proud of the decisions I've made.

xxoo, Kaitlin