Daddy Day, Shape Magazine, Summer Solstice, Oh my!

Happy Fathers Day! Happy First Day of Summer! Happy International YOGA Day!

Whew! If you ask me, this sounds like the most ideal day of the YEAR.  I get to celebrate my awesome dad, embrace my love of yoga and head out to the beach obviously because I'm obligated to celebrate each holiday.  Fine, twist my leg.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a huge Daddy's girl!  When I'm home, I go everywhere with my dad and it even scares me sometimes how similar I am to him.  We have the same tendencies and I'll catch myself doing and saying the things he says.  He's kind of the coolest guy I know and I will always look up to him, follow him everywhere when I'm around him and honor and respect his love for each of us kids.

TODAY is the first day of summer!  You know what that means - beach days, fun in the sun, memories with friends, backyard BBQ's and lots of stories to come. Kaitlin and I are celebrating with our annual Summer Solstice Rooftop Yoga at her house.  This is our second annual party with our girlfriends and one of our favorite yogi's, April. Pictures and a special video journal to come. ;)

Last but not least, Happy International Yoga Day! As you know, I've really embraced yoga into my life the last few years and I can't go more than a few days now without a little downward dog and savasana in my life.  Yoga has truly become a passion of mine so much so that I'm INCREDIBLY excited to embark on a 200 hour yoga teacher training course this summer with one of my absolute faves, Natasha Snow-Needles.  Natasha is the Director of Yoga at Soho Yoga in Hermosa Beach and one of my favorite yogis on this planet.  She's AMAZING and her classes are so powerful both physically and mentally.  She's a beautiful human being inside and out and I can't wait to further advance my knowledge of the practice with her this summer.  Stay tuned. ;)

Speaking of working out, our girl Renee and I spent the morning yesterday with a booty kickin' beach workout with Shape Magazine on the sand in Hermosa.  It was their annual Summer Shape Up event and they had various beach workouts led by my girls Karena & Katrina of Tone It Up, Autumn Calabrese and more. My legs are a little shaky today but I am SO happy we were able to participate. Check out our video journal of the event.  Renee and I are true beach babes today for the first day of summer!

Summer 2015, we're off to a good start baby!!  Let's do this!

xo, Stacey

*Happy Fathers Day to all the incredible dad's around the world!  We are so lucky to have such strong men in our lives.  Read Renee's Fathers Day story here, if you have not yet already.  Happy Dad Day!