Sidewalk Talk

18 hours of yoga this weekend down.


I feel like my brain is full of soooo much more knowledge than I had before but it also feels like complete mush hoping to retain everything that I've learned. This is fun. This is super fun. Fun consisting of nerve wracking, anxiety-driven, amazing and scary fun all at the same time.  It's crazy when you've heard certain words over and over and over again yet when tasked to give the cues and lead someone else it all becomes a complete foreign language.

Today was a special day for a few reasons.  For one, Kaitlin came to class with me for the first time in the HOT yoga room.  I've been telling her for awhile how much I love the hot room and she was never fully into it.  She practices yoga almost every single day of her life but isn't the biggest fan of a hot room and I totally get that! This morning she tried it out with me for her first time (along with my friend from high school #theworldissmall) and it meant so much to me for her to be there.  She pushed through every second and absolutely killed it! It made me so happy to have a friend there with me and I was so excited to hang out. Since I live in a yoga studio lately, yes this now qualifies as "hanging out".

After class, Kaitlin left me her pink lady apple that she brought with her in case she needed some nutrition from the hot room; super sweet of her as she knew I had a long day ahead of me.

Fast forward about 5.5 hours. I was standing outside in front of the studio eating Kaitlin's pink lady apple during our break.  One of my classmates, Jeri, stepped outside and sat down on the sidewalk to enjoy her light snack.  I joined her on the ground and we started to chat about the day.  Jeri has been teaching yoga for roughly my lifetime and I am confident I speak for everyone in our class that we all have an incredible amount of respect for her.  The mere fact that she is enrolled in a 200-hour training course after teaching for many, many years validates the notion that your practice is ever-evolving and there is always something new to be learned.  Similar to life.

Jeri and I sat there together on the ground of the Hermosa Beach sidewalk and started to chat.  After discussing the weather and a few people passing by, she asked me what I do for work.  While not yet a full-time job, I told her about 'Your Beautiful Story'.  I explained to her that every woman has a story and a beautiful message we can all learn from, each story giving me a new perspective on life.  She was in love.  She loved the concept and reiterated how important it was for every single person to share their story.  She reaffirmed how unique and powerful every single life story is in this world.  It was awesome.  Talking with her about this as I chomped down on Kaitlin's apple was very symbolic for me, kind of like Kaitlin was there in the conversation with us too.  Pretty awesome.

Our five minute break was up and we head back into the studio to finish practice.

Namaste. xo, Stacey