Week 8 of Yoga Teacher Training has come and gone.  I have a few new projects I am working on and I feel I am the busiest I’ve been in awhile, maybe ever.  We only have TWO weeks left to go and while I feel we have been in training for awhile, it also seems to have rushed by in a blur. I guess all of the weekend days complaining that I had nothing to do finally caught up with me, huh? ;)

As I have been rushing through life trying to get everything done that I have on my plate recently (ALL of which I love, btw), I feel both excited and anxious at the same time.  SO many incredible things are coming into my life at this very moment and sometimes it has been hard to just stop and take it all in.  I find myself focusing on what’s next in my calendar that I forget to sit back and think about what I am actually doing.  I honestly feel I have attracted all of these great things into my life and kind of manifested them in a weird way.  Kaitlin often talks about manifestation and while I always truly believe in what she is saying and how she transforms her life through this practice, I have never really felt that I have that same experience or “power”, if you will.

It’s a bizarre thing to realize that many things you’ve wished for are coming together and that maybe, just maybe, something wonderful is on the horizon.  I guess it is just something you have to believe and trust in.

All of that said, I still find myself rushing through the things I have to get done, not getting much sleep and making sure I check off my to-do list and that can get stressful at times.  I am always on the go and many times I feel like the only moment I have a second to breathe is actually during my yoga practice.  Time seems to disappear and it becomes this beautiful breath to movement of myself just coming back into me.  Coming back into the space I’ve created for myself and realizing that so many beautiful things are happening around me. It gives me an opportunity to look at my life as a spectator.

I walked into a yin/restorative class a bit ago taught by an incredible woman I feel so lucky to know, Jeri.  She offered her students to take a card at the beginning of class if we’d like.  I don’t often go to ‘relaxing’ classes as I always feel I need a workout and I mean, I can sleep at home, right?  Doesn’t that count for yin?

Regardless, I knew I would love this class because it was taught by Jeri and I approached the front of the room to pick up a card. My card read: Each problem has a solution. All experiences are opportunities for me to learn and grow. I am safe.

I immediately felt chills knowing that Soho Yoga is my safe place.  This is where I feel at home and this is where time can stand still for me for a moment and just know that I am safe in all of the craziness that’s around me.  It reminds me that life is beautiful and that some aspects of my life that I would like and have wished to find change, are in the process of transforming. I just have to believe and trust that this process, or manifestation if you’d like to call it, is all happening right before my eyes.

I will keep you posted. ;)

xo, Stacey