No.... this title is not a word.  But as I sit here at midnight studying the various bones and muscles on my anatomy test tomorrow I can't help but feel like everyone should have to take an anatomy course in school.  The fact that prior to #YTT, I couldn't tell you the difference between my humerus and my tibia, let alone what they even do for my body every single day, is kind of embarrassing.  Don't worry, clearly we all get by just fine without knowing this!  But it makes me realize how lucky I am to have such tiny little miracles going on in my body, every single moment, that I don't even thank my lucky stars for. 

Yoga training has been going fantastically. And with this journey almost halfway done, we are taking our first written test this week.  Needless to say, we all freaked out last night while reviewing what we need to know.  Everything from the soleus to the intercostals to the metacarpals to the phalanges, you better believe I feel like calling back that spine doctor I dated a few months ago to show off all this new knowledge I have. ;)

Regardless of all of us freaking out last night while reviewing the test, at the end of the day I am sooooooo blessed and thankful that I am learning more about my body and the anatomy of how my body even works.  It's crazy all of the effort and work that is put into just being that we overlook on a day to day basis.  It makes me appreciate savasana that much more; it makes me want to listen to my body, it makes me want to stop rushing around constantly, and maybe just "be" every once in awhile.

If you're interested in learning a little anatomy yourself, check out Snapchat @ beYOUtifulstory as I sleepily label various parts of my face. You never know what I may be studying next.

Goodnight. ;)  xo, Stacey