Life Gets Crazy

Ever have those days, weeks, months or even years when everything seems to fly by and you wonder where the time went?

When people ask, "How is the website going?", all Stacey and I can say is we've had a BUSY year. My one year old is more active than ever and Stacey got her yoga teach training, which has led to a slew of new and wonderful experiences. All good things, but busy things that can sometimes pull you away from a passion project.

While we may have to whittle down our content and time commitment, we realized it doesn't mean we've lost any of the passion for this beautiful community we've created. Hearing women's stories, heartfelt experiences and intentions is something we haven't lost interest in, if anything we've grown it with all the new experiences we've had this year!

Stacey and I met recently to decide what the future looks like for Your Beautiful Story and we're working on some pretty amazing things. Stay tuned for more, but we appreciate your patience and as always, love your feedback. Please feel free to still submit your stories as publishing YOUR beautiful stories is what we do best!

xxoo, Kaitlin