As I scrolled through Twitter last night, I came across a few tweets using #bodypositive.  With all of the gossip-infused social media posts and blurred lines of negativity amongst the Internet, this immediately sparked my interest so I researched further.

I began to read a slew of twitter posts by women around the world talking about how proud they are of their own skin and how much they love their beautiful body.  All different shapes and sizes, pictures, positive and inspiring messages, with or without makeup - it was all there!  These women exuded confidence and their posts were incredible.  Smiling as I read further and further, it made me so proud to be a woman.  Confidence is invigorating and seeing these women putting themselves out there and doing it with such class was incredible.

I've looked into #bodypositive further and cannot find out where this social media campaign originated from but I am so grateful to have stumbled upon it.  With summer approaching us here in California, some can tend to have tunnel-vision working towards their perfect bikini body.  It is important to stop every once in awhile and appreciate how incredible and confident you are today.  Because happiness and confidence and self-love and positivity is a journey, not a destination.

xo, Stacey