Dear Journal, #Withdrawals

Dear Journal,

It's Tuesday morning and we're still recovering from an epic weekend in Cabo for a very well-celebrated bachelorette party.  I'm not sure if it was the constant flow of pina coladas/mojitos/margaritas/tequila/champagne or Miami Vice's (yes, because Miami Vice is apparently part of our daily vocabulary now) into our veins or the fact that we were just jumping off a yacht into the Pacific Ocean a matter of three days ago.... but reality has not quite set in. 

Yesterday, my co-workers took a double take at me when they heard my lack of voice and today I brought my car to the dealership for service because a valet guy wrote on the interior with pen prior to leaving for our trip.  That is about the extent of my excitement since back in day-to-day life. We're still experiencing June Gloom here in Cali and I'm beginning to think my mind will be gloomy for at least the next few days before I feel normal again.

Our girlfriends, Kaitlin and I have a group text, still hashing out the weekend as we sit smirking at our desks. Amidst our conversation of yachts, poolside shenanigans, quesadillas, boys, pictures, light up glow sticks and bottles of Vueve - we're planning a girls night soon at one of the new restaurants in our neighborhood.  This is what I love about my friends!  The fact that we can spend every waking moment together in a foreign country for a few full days, with no cell service and close quarters, then plan our next adventure by TUESDAY after we return.  They are the best. 

I truly feel like the luckiest girl alive to have them and I already can't wait to see them for a girls dinner sometime in the next few days.  My phone is buzzing as I'm writing this and I can only imagine what it's about. On to the next adventure!

xo, Stacey