Ok ok... you all know who this refers to. Yes, Caitlyn Jenner.  As I left yoga yesterday, I returned to my phone and a group text of a Vanity Fair cover of some woman and my friends saying "OMG CAITLYN JENNER".  My first thought was, where the heck did this lady come from? I'm an avid Kardashian watcher and I've never known of her.  In typical Stacey fashion, I got it about a few seconds later....

"Wow!", I thought to myself staring at the picture. I struggled to see a glimpse of Bruce in the long-haired woman displayed on the magazine.  I went on about my day and later returned to the Internet with headlines on headlines of #CaitlynJenner, Call Me Caitlyn, Follow Her on Twitter, She's the Real Bruce Now, Finally Me!  I was super excited for her and was so happy for the love and support that this new found woman was receiving.  She gained 1 million Twitter followers in 4 hours making that two world records she's set in her lifetime. Get it girl!

Today I began to think more about it.  I read an article stating that by calling Bruce Jenner a woman, this was defeminizing to the female population.  While I think this is a bit extreme, there was a point that stuck with me.  The article stated that by Caitlin getting multiple plastic surgeries, shaving down her adams apple and other parts of her face, getting hair extensions, taking hormones, breast enhancements, Photoshop and caking her face with makeup... THIS was her real, true self.  This was finally the real her that she always wanted to be and everyone so praised this. 

Please do not get me wrong.  I am very excited for the peace that Caitlyn has been able to find in her life.  Putting yourself out there to the entire world and making yourself subject to so much controversy merely just because you want to live your life from your soul is an incredibly honorable act.  I've actually worked with the formerly known as Bruce on various television shows in the past and she's a great person!  She was always very gracious, said hi to myself and the production crew each week, had a smile on her face and would never treat anyone poorly.  I am a big fan!

This article gave an interesting take though on this whole phenomenon. When a biological woman gets plastic surgery, hair extensions, cakes on a face full of makeup, breast enlargements and Photoshopping done, the first word that comes to everyone's mind is fake.  Look at his daughters; many people throw the term 'fake' into conversation when discussing their empire.  What I'm trying to say is that maybe we do need to practice accepting people for who they are and who their soul is.  This is what this whole story this week is all about right?  We are each born into these bodies because God created them for us and we are beautiful for who we are on the inside.  Your exterior should not be subject for criticism... or praise for that matter.

xo, Stacey