It's a Small World After All

As mentioned in our About Us, Kaitlin and I used to work full-time together in television production on various shows including American Idol, Price is Right, So You Think You Can Dance and lots more.  My personal favorite to work at though was Dancing with the Stars.  I have always been a HUGE fan of the show and working there for a few seasons has, by far, served as some of my favorite experiences since moving to Los Angeles.  Not only do I love the show, but everyone that works on the show is amazing.  It truly is a family.

This week I was back there working for the day as they filmed the 10 year anniversary special (10 years, so crazy)!  It was so great to be back and see everyone. The staff and crew are the best!  As always, there are celebrities EVERYWHERE.  Our job working on the show is to manage the audience and ensure every seat in the ballroom is filled at all times.  Sometimes celebrities get up last minute and we need to fill their seat for that act with the main reason being an empty seat on television is not very visually pleasing.  It's not often that we seat fill, but sometimes it's just necessary until the audience member gets back.

This week I was running around the ballroom during a break when they pulled a celebrity for a sky box interview so I sat in last minute before taping a performance. As I'm sitting there next to a very attractive man (tough life, I know), I realize that sitting just to the right of me is Candice Cameron Bure.  As you read on Tuesday, I just wrote about the announcement of an upcoming Full House reunion and there I am sitting right next to the STAR of Full House.  Of course, I didn't mention anything to her as I didn't want to freak her out ("Hey, I just wrote about you on my blog." No...), but it made me chuckle a bit inside to think about how small this world can be sometimes. 

As I sat there shoulder to shoulder with Cameron, clapping and smiling away, it just goes to show that life can be such an adventure. At the start of the Dancing with the Stars series 10 years ago, I was watching anxiously every Monday night with my mom and sister, loving every second.  Then, there I was, an employee that came back for the anniversary episode sitting next to a celebrity that she just wrote about on her blog.  If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would even step foot in that ballroom, I probably would have said you were crazy.

On that note, congratulations to Dancing with the Stars on 10 years strong, the unparalleled talent that the show brings to television and the incredible staff and crew.  I've never in my life seen such a fascinating production and I am in absolute awe every time I set foot in that ballroom.  Congratulations!

xo, Stacey