Enjoy Mother Nature

MORNING!!  Good morning Beautiful. Yes, you!  It's a lovely Saturday morning outside and today begins another day of your story.  I like to take each Saturday morning for a quiet opportunity to myself jogging (or walking sometimes) to grab coffee in my neighborhood and start off the weekend with a little alone time and peace of mind. 

This morning I am having brunch with my favorite ladies and I am so happy to see their beautiful faces.  Who doesn't love a little yoga with friends, breakfast food and spring weather topped off with a little champagne.  I try to make an effort on the weekends to spend the most time outside possible.  Yes, Southern California weather makes that pretty easy most of the time but it does take effort.  Hop in the car and drive to the canyon to go hiking, pull your bike out of the garage and bike through your neighborhood, throw on your running shoes and go for a nice walk.  Whatever it is - try to make an effort today to get outside and enjoy the beautiful world around you that Mother Nature has to offer. Hey, even if it is just asking for a table outside on the patio. Enjoy the fresh air!  Anyone have any fun plans? Share with us below!

xo, Stacey