Happy Easter!

Easter not only marks the day of the year that I can whip out all of my southern gal, Georgia sun dresses but also reminds me how lucky I am to have found a 'family away from family' here in California.  As you will know if you read our About Us, Kaitlin and I are both originally from the east coast, now living across the country in beautiful SoCal.

I am incredibly close to my family and living here can be hard sometimes when I'm away from them during holidays.  I normally travel home for big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but for Easter and others, I most likely stay in town.  Spending these holidays with friends makes it all worth it.  I am so lucky, grateful and beyond blessed to have my little family out here.  Today we are spending the day at Kaitlin's house where we're each bringing one of our favorite Easter dishes and spending the day together. 

It's moments like these and spending smaller holidays together that prove to me how much my friends truly are my family.  While they will never replace my actual family, it makes me so happy and appreciative to have them as my friends.  I can reflect on many holidays we've spent together and many more to come.  Friends are your chosen family, right?  We sure think so!

Have a Happy Easter and a beautiful day! What are your plans?

xo, Stacey