Did you just hear that too?! Fuller House!

Uncle Jesse revealed this week that Full House is coming back with a few reunion episodes with a spinoff called Fuller House.  So far the show features DJ Tanner, sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibler (yes, I only use character names).  I am pretty darn excited and praying that Michelle makes an appearance!  I know that Michelle (er, both Michelles) have gone on and created huge careers in fashion and probably have zero time between runway shows and frowning at cameras but sometimes you just have to get back down to your roots, ya know?  Hopefully they can talk them, I mean her, into coming back for an episode or two.

I've been around a few of the Full House characters before as I use to work at Dancing with the Stars. As you may know, Candice Cameron-Bure was on the show a few seasons back, partnered with Mark Ballas.  Some claim that some people getting better with age and wow - no wonder Candace is getting back on camera.  Age has no effect on that woman, she looks great! 

All I know is that I'm banking on a Michelle appearance, hopefully Kimmy is just as nuts as before and I can't wait for that San Francisco theme song to fill my living room.  Anyone else on my page?

xo, Stacey