Aloha Kakahiaka from Maui

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Good morning! I'm nearing the end of my trip to Maui and trying to soak up every moment.  The island is absolutely breathtaking and sometimes I have to tell myself to put the phone down because every bit of the scenery provides the perfect photo opp.  I'm staying in Lahaina but we are planning to explore other parts of the island before we leave. 

Yesterday we went snorkeling which was awesome!  My friends Lindsay, Brandon, Brittany and I each bought a $ 6 snorkel set and headed down to Black Rock at Ka'anapali Beach.  I've never been snorkeling before, that I remember at least, so this was quite the adventure.  I was a bit nervous at first not to submerge my snorkel with ocean water (I'm very clumsy), but all went beautifully! So beautiful in fact that I am bringing this gear back with me to use in the future!

Tony and Lynnea were married on Saturday afternoon in a stunning Hawaiian ceremony overlooking the ocean.  Witnessing them exchanging their vows and see the love in their eyes for each other was gorgeous. Lindsay and I were absolute sobs in our seats, crying the whole time!

I'm off to get ready for the Road to Hana and will be sure to take a ton of videos and pictures.  For a closer look at my adventures, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.  Aloha and Mahalo!

xo, Stacey