Oils Spills and Community Cleanup

As most of you know, last week Santa Barbara suffered a disastrous oil spill to their beaches effecting the shoreline and many animals were put in danger. A close friend of ours, Paige (former Beauty of the Month and story contributor), drove up to Santa Barbara over the weekend to help the community and contribute in any way that she can.  This act of kindness hit home for us even more when tar was found on the shoreline of our own beaches in Manhattan Beach. 

I returned home from work yesterday to a closed beach, blocked off and accompanied by a cleanup crew making their way up the coast.  I watched through the evening as I saw spotlights slowly being moved up north up the sand as they worked long and hard to clean up as much as possible.

I rolled out of bed this morning at 5AM for a #RunStaceRun adventure and as I walked down to the strand, I saw the spotlight still shining.  They had worked throughout the night to clean up the mess and we are SO thankful for all of the hard work and literally sleepless night to clean up our community beaches.  Manhattan Beach has confirmed the tar-like substances to be oil but this is still being tested whether it is refined or natural oil.

My point is - show love for your community when natural disasters like this happen.  Help out in any way you can. We are so grateful for the workers that spent their night cleaning the shore and for the men and women in Santa Barbara dedicating their time to clean up the oil spill.  We only have one world and as Paige would say, go out and hug the world, it will hug you back. ;)

For more information on how you can help in Manhattan Beach and Santa Barbara, please visit their city websites.  To report wildlife in Santa Barbara endangered by oil please call 1-877-UCD-OWCN (1-877-823-6926).

xo, Stacey