Run Stace, Run.

For a very long time, I used to think that the best ways to work out was alway just straight running and bootcamp upon bootcamp classes. While I still love a good intense workout, many of you know that I've recently become very dedicated to practicing yoga.  I love anything from a powerful, sweaty flow class to the slower yin and stretching classes. Sometimes I become so focused on attending yoga, that I forget to go back to my roots of running.

Running has always been a great way for me to calm my mind, be alone, sweat things out and just be.  No, I'm not a long distance, never stopping, worry-free kind of runner. It's hard. I'm skipping to the right songs on my phone to give me that extra motivation, pushing myself to get around this last little corner, panting like a race horse compared to others that seem to run nonstop without a care in the world.

With my newfound love of yoga, I miss my own little version of my 'runners high' that I used to enjoy so much.  I still run on the strand of my neighborhood often. I did a quick run each morning while in Hawaii last week, but still nothing like I used to.  I've been known to say that I feel most physically fit when I'm in my runner's shape.  I haven't felt that strongly for awhile.  So with that said, I've decided to reintroduce myself to this love of getting out there on the pavement and enjoy that little peace and quiet of my own.  

I will check in on Instagram periodically so make sure you all hold me accountable.  Anything in your life that you've gotten away from that you'd like to start incorporating back into your routine?  Reading. Writing. Painting. Cooking. Biking. Whatever it is - share with me in the comments below. Let's do this!  #YOURBEAUTIFULSTORY

xo, Stacey