Tell A Story Day

There's no better day than today to tell the story of how Your Beautiful Story got started!

While shopping in Seal Beach, CA, Kaitlin saw a sign that said, "YOUR BEAUTIFULLY, messy, complicated STORY matters... tell it" by Kelly Rae Roberts. She loved it so much, she purchased it and brought it home to sit on her bedroom dresser. Stacey came over that afternoon and Kaitlin showed her the sign and told her how she believed all people had a beautiful life story that others could learn from. Stacey agreed full-heartedly and they started talking about the possibility of how to share these stories with the world. Thanks to the world wide web and the power of the written word, they hatched the idea to start a storytelling website from the perspective of their very own readers.

Getting to read the stories and life lessons from beautiful women around the globe has been a dream come true. Both Stacey and Kaitlin have been truly touched, and even brought to tears, by the magical words and feelings the women who have written for Your Beautiful Story have shared.

We recently passed the one-year mark of this crazy website idea and have been loving every minute! Stacey and Kaitlin have had their 9 to 5 jobs, but there is not much else they would rather do than work on their dream career!  Thank YOU to the incredible women around the world for sharing your beautiful stories with us.  We could not be more honored.

Xo, Kaitlin & Stacey