World Health Day: Food Safety!

Good morning world and Happy World Health Day!

World Health Day is celebrated each year on the founding day of the World Health Organization, also known as WHO. Each year features a theme to raise awareness for and this year's theme is food safety.

A few years back, I really began to look at the foods I was putting in my body and I came to a harsh realization that most of the food I was eating was not only unsafe for my digestive system, but my overall health in general.  In fact, with everything I learned I wouldn't even consider some of the foods to be food anymore. I once read that just because something can be chewed, swallowed, go through your digestive tract and be disposed of, does not mean it is food.

Of course 'food safety' encompasses a large spectrum of topics, but below are a few of the most common safety tactics I keep in mind when shopping at the grocery store:

  • Does it come from the earth? While I am not on a strictly plant-based diet since I do eat meat, one of the most important things to me is just that: PLANTS!  Healthy greens and vegetables are so vital to your health and incorporating more veggies into my meals made me shift perspective on the things I SHOULD eat rather than should not.
  • Is it in it's natural form?  Going back to my statement above, just because something can be chewed, swallowed and disposed of through the body, does not mean it is food.  Food has nutritional value and provides your body with vitamin and minerals. Chemically modified and processed foods such as candy and fast food do not count as food. If it's not being served the way Mother Nature intended it to be, you may want to think twice before putting it in your mouth.
  • How was it raised?  There are a number of documentaries that prove how important it is to eat animals that are grass-fed and not injected with numerous chemicals and hormones.  After watching a few of these and seeing some of the things that animals are actually fed (garbage, leftovers, junk, anything!), I always pay those extra couple bucks to make sure I am eating meat from healthy animals.  Would you be willing to eat trash? Like actual trash? Don't consume it indirectly.  

Food safety, as well as learning about your health and your body, is amongst the most important and vital knowledge that every being in this world should make an effort to learn about.  We only have one body and it is important that we know how to take care of it with food safety being a very important start.

In honor of World Health Day, I've posted one of my favorite quick kale recipes on our Recipe page. It is also the dish that I brought to our Easter potluck this weekend! Enjoy!

xo, Stacey