He sleeps all day, he doesn’t clean up after himself and to top it all off, he is missing two of his front teeth.  All of this and this guy is the love of my life. Mr. Montgomery became my family July 5, 2014 and my life has never been the same. 

In February 2014 my sister and I began really talking about adopting a dog. Both of us loved dogs but we had an endless amount of excuses as to why we “just couldn’t do it.” We were gone all of the time. We had demanding jobs. You’ve heard them all before and maybe even you have said this. It was very clear to us that we couldn’t adopt a puppy and this was FINE by me. Potty training really sounded like the worst (I have a DEEP RESPECT for those who have potty trained their pets… and children too come to think of , but I digress). So, after much debating we settled on finding a No Kill Shelter that had older dogs.  We took our time in meeting, walking, and playing with several dogs at the shelter and weren’t connecting with any of them. Believe me, they were precious, sweet puppies but it wasn’t “right.” That was, until Mr. M hopped into our lives. He was a 2 year old who just had pins out of his legs. When he was found, he had a broken back leg and was missing teeth. I cry when I think about this because no animal should ever be hurting and alone like this. Other than that, we didn’t know his story and honestly that is probably best for me. At any rate, this little guy hobbled in to the room and we were completely in love. Completely. 

Of course it has not been easy. He had separation anxiety when we first adopted him because he so feared he would be abandoned again. He has pooped on our carpet twice (TMI? Well, you need to know what you’re getting into) and he really loves waking up at 630am on Saturday and Sunday (but relishes sleeping in during the week). Adopting an older dog has its perks though. He sleeps all night and, as aforementioned, I didn’t have to potty train him. We also didn’t have to usher him through any chewing/teething habits. I HIGHLY recommend considering an older dog. 

I love my little guy more than anything. Coming home to his funny little face is the best part of my day. The love I have for him makes me feel whole. If you are considering expanding your family:

1. Do your research to find out what kind of pet would best suit you.

2. Really think about the time you have to invest in your pet.

 3. Can’t decide if you can fully commit? Consider fostering.

INTENTION: Every pet will find a loving home because every pet deserves one.

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