“Songs of the East and songs in the West, a reminder a day of all that we've left, words for the happy and words for the sad, a change of the season and a journey ahead.”

So many times when I was a child I would walk into my Mom's painting room where my piano was and I would start playing while she would paint... and everything was just right!

Fast forward to about 15 years.
I left the country and home I grew up in... pretty much the whole continent. I'm working 17 hours a day and don't sleep much at night. I just finished my BA degree and got over my carbon-monoxide poisoning. I just got back from my rehearsals for the upcoming shows.. and I take a deep breath...and I take it with a smile on my face …. because I'm about to pick my Mom up from the airport and welcome her back home after her extensive travels! :)

The sun in LA burns down on you with all its power so I take out my straw hat and brush off the dust from the riding stables. I miss the rain sometimes...I miss the snow, the cold comfort... I pick up the flowers and put on my prescription glasses... I don't want to miss any detail of this moment while I wait excitingly at the gate, I keep checking the flight status ...then I see her beautiful face that even after 18 travel hours doesn't look tired... no, it looks delighted.

Life is good and I'm thankful because I know when we get home she gets her colors ready, kneels on the floor, and the sound of the brushes being swooshed in water- filled jam jars will fill my ears ... and I smile and go to the piano... because through all the tears, all the grief, the ups and downs, the change of weather, the blank canvases that have been filled with colors, the clothes and relationships I outgrew, through all the songs I wrote and the streets I walked on, the hair I cut off, all the Hellos and Goodbyes, the departures and arrivals, through all the constant reminders of how fast everything can change, there's still one place in time when everything is right... when my Mom paints and I write songs.

“Songs of the South and songs in the North, the metronome's pulse that swings back and forth, a tick for the reason a tock for the rhyme, a moment of peace a reminder in time.”

xo, Dalal

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Influenced by Beethoven, Prince, Andrew Loyd Webber and Celine Dion, Dalal's music has pushed her to the forefront of up and coming Pop artists. Born and raised in Austria Dalal has moved from NYC, where she began her musical career in the States to Los Angeles were she is currently working on finishing up her Album as well as writing classical scores and songs for various upcoming motion pictures and performing at festival and events like the Sundance Film Festival and prestigious venues like the Whisky a Go Go and The House of Blues.

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