When it comes to food, we are constantly told what NOT to eat.  This contains too much sugar, do not eat it! That is going to go straight to your thighs, not worth it!  Way too much dairy, dont even think about it!  We are constantly inundated with temptation and restriction all at the same time. Daily, even hourly, we are reminded through advertisements, pictures, commercials and drive-thru restaurants of what we shouldnt have.  When we are repeatedly told something that we cant have and shouldnt eat, it quickly starts to become all we want.  Sex sells, yet so does millions of dollars of fast food on a daily basis.

About a year or two ago, I finally began to shift my focus on the food I should be eating rather than everything I shouldnt.  You begin to realize that what you fuel your body with, actually fuels YOU.  Its crazy how brussel sprouts have an impact on improving your eyesight, lean meats strengthen your hair and nails and coconut boosts energy and improves digestion.  No, Im not saying because you eat a turkey burger then magically your hair is going to look like an Herbal Essences commercial or consuming a hard-boiled egg will keep your nail polish from chipping after a few days, but what I am saying is that your hair and nails will become stronger, your body becomes stronger and you feel stronger. 

Your body is not much different than a vehicle.  In fact, your body IS simply that, a vehicle.  If you fuel your car with grape juice, you may not make it too far down the road.  Gassing up your car with what it actually needs, is going to benefit you down the road in a much greater way.

At its simplest form, your body is just a vehicle for your soul.  Learning how to treat it right and give your body the nutrients it needs is the core of living a vibrant and healthy life, inside and out.  Once I learned about all of the various foods I can have, I quickly became well, obsessed.  I now cook up a storm and grocery shopping is definitely in my top 5 favorite pastimes (just dont tell too many people that ).  Learning about new recipes and even creating yummy concoctions on your own is so fulfilling, literally!

Growing up, I was always told by my parents to finish my plate of food, especially the vegetables.  I tried all the tricks in the book.  I would hold my nose while I ate them.  Id try to stuff my face and swallow as much as I could at a time.  Oh and milk! Dont even get me started!  I absolutely hated milk!  I would sit at the kitchen table until it would get warm and almost torture myself by eventually chugging the glass so I could leave the table.

While I know my parents had the best intention (and I thank them every day for placing our health at utmost importance), thankfully I have now developed my own personal relationship with food and knowing what is and isnt good for me, and most important what tastes good to me. Most importantly, I respect my body and my health enough to hold value to this in my life.

While I am a huge kitchen junkie and I love playing around with all different foods, tastes and varieties, Id like to share one of my favorite recipes here.  I tend to have a sweet tooth and enjoy the more decadent things in life so if this is not your cup of tea, dont worry! You can expect more recipes to come in the future.  Maybe even experiment and place your own spin on this, let us know!

Intention: Fuel your body with the right ingredients and youll never feel deprived.

xo, Stacey 

 Stacey Thomas

Stacey Thomas

On a typical weekend, you'll find Stacey playing on the beach, laughing with friends or jogging the strand of her Southern California neighborhood.  As a co-founder of Your Beautiful story, Stacey loves to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, mimosas included.  Follow her adventures with @staceylthomas or her passion to inspire the world with @beYOUtiful_story on Instagram.