Writing a Successful Story

Need a little extra guidance? Here are 5 Guidelines to Writing a Successful Story

What is your intention?

We all have a message that we want to inspire through our story.  After all, this is why we’re here right?  This can be your achievements and how others can achieve their dreams or wishes too, daily motivation and message to soak up the day and appreciate the moment, or that extra laugh and funny moment to put a smile on someone’s face.   What do you want the reader to take away from this article?  Describe your intention or message in one short quote for the end of the story.

What is your favorite, eye-catching, mind-boggling or most memorable time?

Everyone’s story is just that, their story.  Make it your own.  Tell us about your favorite moment last week when you let someone cut you in line that was in a rush.  How did you pay something forward?  Did you have your most memorable spin class on Memorial Day with an unlikely celebrity in your class?  Or that eye-catching moment that took your breath away.  We want to hear about everything and anything - happy, sad, accomplishing, motivating, inspiring, hilarious, random, surprising, heartfelt, overcoming and all of the above.

How do I structure my story?

Length: Trust us that we all want to hear the full story, but please be sure to keep your story under 850 words.  That being said, we don’t have to tell how elaborate it was to receive tulips from Mr. Right so as short as 250 words will do.  After all, you can’t put a number on life right?

Format: While we want to keep the same consistency, we’re all unique in our own way.  Did your story consist of a back-and-forth conversation best displayed in a timeline format or would you like to write in a classic paragraph form?  Take a look at our previous stories on the site for motivation and guidance.

What would you like to read about?

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.  Do you want to read something sad, depressing or negative?  Probably not… Everyone appreciates inspiration and a good pick-me-up.  Our goal for Your Beautiful Story is to provide a positive outlet for women across the world to inspire others, share our favorite moments together, make each other laugh and ultimately have an impact on each other’s lives.  No negative nelly’s invited to this party!

Why should I write for Your Beautiful Story?

Think about that time you couldn’t wait to see your best friend and tell her all about that crazy, spontaneous date you went on or that other time you picked up the phone to call your mom to tell her about the courage you had to quit your job to pursue your dream career.  Imagine sharing that moment with women across the world.  It may be just what your new girlfriend thousands of miles away needs to hear.  You never know… you may just inspire and motivate someone else to live their greatest life.

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