I wanted to talk to you about life changing moments.  

I was in Bali a few years ago with my two closest girlfriends, they headed out to party and I stayed in because I was feeling all cleansed and spiritual and wanted to wake up with the sun again.  So I watched Eat Pray Love on my laptop and had an epiphany.  

I was going to move to Bali.  Or Rome.  Or maybe even India!

Life was good, I was about to get married and I was happy in every sense of the word.  But I wasn’t truly feeling fulfilled with life.  Just like Elizabeth Gilbert, I wanted more beauty, more magic and more adventure.  

I sat up and journaled about how I couldn’t wait to start this new life.  We were going to get married, work for a while and then figure out where we would go.  Life would be insanely juicy and we would be the happiest we had ever been.

A few days later I got home.  Back to my little apartment, with my sweet fiance and my tiny kitchen where I had taught myself to cook.  I rambled to Hugh about my plans for us, how we would live simply from one suitcase and make babies in foreign countries.  He kissed me and told me it sounded lovely, before giving me the best gift of my life. One sentence - “why can’t we just make our happiness here?"

Of course, this was shattering to my future plans and I rolled my eyes.  He didn’t understand.  He didn’t get life and the magic of it.  But laying in bed that night I finally realized he got it more than I ever realized.  

I love to travel, I love change and I love being thrown out of my comfort zone.  But I was suddenly putting my faith in our future happiness outside of us.  I was relying on a place, a challenge and things outside of me to create my happiness.  That’s not fair.  

I knew happiness was an inside job.  I knew gratitude could change my life.  But I wasn’t implementing any of these principles into my life.  

I was looking for magic in other countries, without realizing that I could create my own version right in my little home, by simply appreciating what I had right in front of me.  I stopped dreaming of new places, different people.  I started waking up and drinking in all the beauty around me.  I started being grateful for the comforts of having a home, good food, friends close by and a beach to dive into whenever I wanted.  

I believe travel is good for the soul.  But in that one comment from my soul mate, I realized that my love, adventure and most importantly - my magic - would all come from within.  

So I worked on creating my dream life, within what I already had around me.  No longer waiting for a trip, a new home or someone outside of me to complete my life.  I’m doing it all for myself.  

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Ange is your silver-lining-exposing, gratitude pushing bestie that wants you to have the best life that you can. Living in the Gold Coast of Australia with her beautiful daughter and loving husband, Hugh, Ange inspires women to find small moments of gratitude in each day and lead a much-deserved blissful life. Read more about Ange and her beautiful spirit with The Gratitude Project.

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Tonight in yoga, I laid there in savasana and just felt my heart beat, slowly as I cooled down from class.  I laid there, body pressed firmly to the earth, head heavy, eyes shut, palms face down on my heart.

There are numerous things in life that we take for granted every single day; the money in our bank account to buy tonight’s dinner, the gas to fuel our car and get us to work tomorrow morning, our legs that simply just walk us from here to there, our arms that lift our glass of water to nourish our body.  All are so incredibly and purposely important.  At the core of everything is just our self, our heartbeat. 

Sit still for one moment and feel how hard and how often your heart is working just to keep you alive, able to do all of those things you love and enjoy.  As I laid there in savasana, the teacher mentioned living with gratitude.  How many of us truly lead our life with gratitude, thankful for waking up each day and living our story?  Putting that notion first in life and taking a moment to just listen to your heart IS important.  Listen to your purpose and listen to what your body needs.

The ironic part of this yoga class was that I woke up this morning with gratitude, taking a second to think how happy and grateful I was to start that beautiful day of my story.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the greatest family, the best of friends and the most amazing life for me. When you shift your perspective, you find the most happiness.  Maybe that’s why this particular moment impacted me so much as I immediately felt the need to write about it.  Take the time to appreciate, think, love, live, breathe and even just sit still.

Intention: Your heart is beating for a reason, its called purpose.  Live your purpose.  Live your story.

On a typical weekend, you'll find Stacey playing on the beach, laughing with friends or jogging the strand of her Southern California neighborhood.  As a co-founder of Your Beautiful story, Stacey loves to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, mimosas included.  Follow her adventures with @staceylthomas or her passion to inspire the world with @beYOUtiful_story on Instagram.



When I think about the most important things in my life that make me happy, what initially comes to mind is family, friends, sunsets, my nephew, the beach town I live in, my grandmother, my brothers stand-up comedy acts, dark chocolate… the list goes on.  What I sometimes fail to realize is that it is these very things in my daily life that I sometimes tend to overlook. 

We are all dealing with the chaos of life. Traffic on the way home, meeting deadlines at work, making sure you get your workout in, paying your bills, again… the list goes on.  It is about learning to look past each of these insignificant things that life brings the greatest joys.  

One of the best ways for me to appreciate all the beautiful aspects that my life offers me on a daily basis is to start my day with a jog each morning.  I like to wake up very early and run to the end of the pier over the ocean to watch the sun rise.  In silence, watching the sunrise over the horizon before the chaos of life begins, I reflect on the incredible life that I am so lucky to have.  Calling my grandma to ask her advice on my dating life, enjoying a sunny beach day on the weekend with friends, rocking my nephew to sleep as hes crying, spending time relaxing with my parents on trips home, toasting with friends to a champagne brunch, watching the sunset from my balcony… that is what life is all about.

To start my day appreciating all of the beautiful aspects of life, I realize that I could not ask for anything more.  I am reminded each morning how lucky I am to live this beautiful life and it brings a smile to my face each day.  The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.

INTENTION: Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

On a typical weekend, you'll find Stacey playing on the beach, laughing with friends or jogging the strand of her Southern California neighborhood.  As a co-founder of Your Beautiful story, Stacey loves to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, mimosas included.  Follow her adventures with @staceylthomas or her passion to inspire the world with @beYOUtiful_story on Instagram.


Rooftop Yoga_KD.JPG

“Meditate” is a very scary word for some folks, my former self included. Sitting in silence listening to your potentially painful thoughts? No thanks. Not so fast ladies! Thanks to experiencing a new yoga class with my girlfriends, I realized it’s A-OK to have a little guidance in meditation.

One word: music. In this unique Kundalini yoga class the teacher incorporated a chanting music track into a group meditation. As I mouthed the words along with the song it clicked in my mind that I’ve done this before. Many times. 

It’s often that I need to have some “personal” time with my mind and that’s when I press play on my Bon Iver playlist at home. I lay in bed and completely ingest the cryptic words and mesmerizing crescendos through my mouth and entire body to the point that I get lost in it and I don’t care what Bon is singing. 

The effect is pleasantly hypnotizing and helps me regaining the larger picture and perspective that is easy to lose throughout the day when small tasks take over.

While in this form of “meditating” one may not give 100% of attention to their thoughts, but will receive a significant indirect affect on the body and soul. This I believe is a fantastic rival to traditional meditation. 

INTENTION: Your meditation, do it your way.

xo, Misty

Misty Kingma

Misty Kingma

Misty Kingma is an entertainment host & producer in Los Angeles, known for her black ray ban glasses. Misty is passionate about all things celebrity culture, pop music, social media and Youtube. Misty lives and motivates with the motto "Be Yourselfie". Follow Misty on Twitter or Tumblr and check out her website