Tonight in yoga, I laid there in savasana and just felt my heart beat, slowly as I cooled down from class.  I laid there, body pressed firmly to the earth, head heavy, eyes shut, palms face down on my heart.

There are numerous things in life that we take for granted every single day; the money in our bank account to buy tonight’s dinner, the gas to fuel our car and get us to work tomorrow morning, our legs that simply just walk us from here to there, our arms that lift our glass of water to nourish our body.  All are so incredibly and purposely important.  At the core of everything is just our self, our heartbeat. 

Sit still for one moment and feel how hard and how often your heart is working just to keep you alive, able to do all of those things you love and enjoy.  As I laid there in savasana, the teacher mentioned living with gratitude.  How many of us truly lead our life with gratitude, thankful for waking up each day and living our story?  Putting that notion first in life and taking a moment to just listen to your heart IS important.  Listen to your purpose and listen to what your body needs.

The ironic part of this yoga class was that I woke up this morning with gratitude, taking a second to think how happy and grateful I was to start that beautiful day of my story.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the greatest family, the best of friends and the most amazing life for me. When you shift your perspective, you find the most happiness.  Maybe that’s why this particular moment impacted me so much as I immediately felt the need to write about it.  Take the time to appreciate, think, love, live, breathe and even just sit still.

Intention: Your heart is beating for a reason, its called purpose.  Live your purpose.  Live your story.

On a typical weekend, you'll find Stacey playing on the beach, laughing with friends or jogging the strand of her Southern California neighborhood.  As a co-founder of Your Beautiful story, Stacey loves to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, mimosas included.  Follow her adventures with @staceylthomas or her passion to inspire the world with @beYOUtiful_story on Instagram.