When I think about the most important things in my life that make me happy, what initially comes to mind is family, friends, sunsets, my nephew, the beach town I live in, my grandmother, my brothers stand-up comedy acts, dark chocolate… the list goes on.  What I sometimes fail to realize is that it is these very things in my daily life that I sometimes tend to overlook. 

We are all dealing with the chaos of life. Traffic on the way home, meeting deadlines at work, making sure you get your workout in, paying your bills, again… the list goes on.  It is about learning to look past each of these insignificant things that life brings the greatest joys.  

One of the best ways for me to appreciate all the beautiful aspects that my life offers me on a daily basis is to start my day with a jog each morning.  I like to wake up very early and run to the end of the pier over the ocean to watch the sun rise.  In silence, watching the sunrise over the horizon before the chaos of life begins, I reflect on the incredible life that I am so lucky to have.  Calling my grandma to ask her advice on my dating life, enjoying a sunny beach day on the weekend with friends, rocking my nephew to sleep as hes crying, spending time relaxing with my parents on trips home, toasting with friends to a champagne brunch, watching the sunset from my balcony… that is what life is all about.

To start my day appreciating all of the beautiful aspects of life, I realize that I could not ask for anything more.  I am reminded each morning how lucky I am to live this beautiful life and it brings a smile to my face each day.  The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.

INTENTION: Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

On a typical weekend, you'll find Stacey playing on the beach, laughing with friends or jogging the strand of her Southern California neighborhood.  As a co-founder of Your Beautiful story, Stacey loves to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, mimosas included.  Follow her adventures with @staceylthomas or her passion to inspire the world with @beYOUtiful_story on Instagram.