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“Meditate” is a very scary word for some folks, my former self included. Sitting in silence listening to your potentially painful thoughts? No thanks. Not so fast ladies! Thanks to experiencing a new yoga class with my girlfriends, I realized it’s A-OK to have a little guidance in meditation.

One word: music. In this unique Kundalini yoga class the teacher incorporated a chanting music track into a group meditation. As I mouthed the words along with the song it clicked in my mind that I’ve done this before. Many times. 

It’s often that I need to have some “personal” time with my mind and that’s when I press play on my Bon Iver playlist at home. I lay in bed and completely ingest the cryptic words and mesmerizing crescendos through my mouth and entire body to the point that I get lost in it and I don’t care what Bon is singing. 

The effect is pleasantly hypnotizing and helps me regaining the larger picture and perspective that is easy to lose throughout the day when small tasks take over.

While in this form of “meditating” one may not give 100% of attention to their thoughts, but will receive a significant indirect affect on the body and soul. This I believe is a fantastic rival to traditional meditation. 

INTENTION: Your meditation, do it your way.

xo, Misty

 Misty Kingma

Misty Kingma

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