I was in a hurry. My 19 year old daughter was coming home from college for Christmas that afternoon and I had things to do before she arrived.  I didn't have time for sex that Saturday morning, but what’s the harm in a quickie?

What I didn't know was that my life was about to change. Forever. One minute I was a 45 year old successful real estate agent and fitness trainer, the next moment a blood clot moved through my heart into my brain.

 I had lost consciousness during sex in my bed and awoke paralyzed and unable to speak on a hospital gurney.

The following years challenges? Physically it was learning how to walk and talk again. Not giving up on the joys of life? That was much, much harder.

Recovering from an internal brain injury is similar to a head-on car collision, you just can't see any damage. The clot affected the entire right side of my body, causing acute paralysis. This meant I could never feel hot and cold again. I had no sense of touch, I didn’t even know how to say my own name or walk. How was I going to handle this? I was a runner. I was a Mom. I worked two jobs. I traveled. I was smart and pretty! How did this happen to me? I was a good person.  I was too young to have a stroke.

I broke down the third day in the hospital. I wanted it all to end. I had no idea how to get through or see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was then that I got some cold hard advice, exactly what I needed. My nurse told me it was OK to cry...and then to snap out of it!

Time heals all wounds, even those that are more than skin deep. My daughter and family, including my ex-husband have stuck by me. My boyfriend, whose bed I was in when I lost consciousness, could not.  I had to re-learn how to walk and talk, and to love again, not just someone else, but most importantly myself.

 The hardest part of recovery was not to ever give up on myself, and to show courage at the weakest of moments. It is an ongoing journey.  You don't want to complain, you learn to live with the changes. Whether there is chronic pain or fatigue or lack of brain function, you deal with it. You can't give up, you have to snap out of it! Life goes on, and the challenges each person has are unique to themselves, so you can’t put blame on the world or yourself, or anyone else.

It is ten years later, and I revamped my life. I currently have a successful fitness consulting business and I was able to dance all night at my daughters wedding. I council clients helping them with weight management, menopause issues, healthy life styles,  better food choices and daily struggles, because I have fought my own fight and I understand the bad days and appreciate the good.

Most importantly though, I encourage my clients to believe in themselves and to never, ever quit, and I remind myself to do the same. Every day.

INTENTION: We all have something that keeps us going.  Whatever that may be, hold onto it.  Find inner strength and channel that positive energy to overcome obstacles. Believe in yourself.

xo, Kim

So Cal native, grew up lucky! Active family, outdoor beach life style, surfing, skiing, volleyball, running.  I was part of the Jane Fonda, Jazzersize generation fitness and aerobic intructor in the 80's. Life was great, recovery is not easy however!  I offer health counseling and fitness training for discerning women who never give up on anything despite the odds.

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