When We Became Three

I’m pregnant! I still can’t believe it! Well, sometimes… then someone will order a strong cocktail or the raw fish appetizer and I’m quickly reminded!

I took a pregnancy test on Wednesday after the Super Bowl of 2014, and after a Monday hangover from too many glasses of champagne during that game… oops. We didn’t get pregnant the first month we tried so I thought it would take us awhile. Why hold back on drinking if I was already going to have to stop for at least 9 months once we found out? Much to my surprise, taking my second pregnancy test ever, seeing the word “PREGNANT” on the digital screen scared the crap out of me. Even when you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s still a surprise that moment can be even be possible.

It was a surreal moment, by myself, in our new home’s master bathroom as my husband, Ryan, was in Philadelphia on a work trip. A wave of happiness and then worry washed over me as I analyzed everything I ate, drank and did the past month. Then, the pacing started. I paced the bathroom up and down, shouting, “I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!”, with a smile spread wide and tears streaming down my face.

My first thought was to call Ryan, but then immediately knew I wanted to tell him in person. My mom had the most fun stories of how she told my dad she was pregnant with each of us and I wanted to have the same for us. After spending the evening searching the web for, “Best Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant”, none seemed good enough. Wracking my brain, I finally came up with something on my own. Ryan called me to say goodnight and after a few deep breaths, I answered and smoothly acted like nothing was different.

I went to work the next day with a huge smile on my face and ran an errand at lunch to find what I needed. Ryan was landing around 8pm and I needed my supplies before he got home. Leaving work that evening I wanted to speed through traffic, but drove carefully as I now had a baby on board. I finally arrived and got everything ready. Like a little girl on Christmas Eve, I patiently waited for his arrival trying to distract myself with something on TV.

I heard Ryan open the front door and start to walk up the stairs. Our golden retriever ran down to greet him and while he gave her a kiss & a rub, I hit the record button on our digital camera. As he rounded up the stairs, I walked over and he picked me up into a big hug. After giving him a kiss, I turned around to grab my engagement ring box that I had stuck a blue pacifier in. I walked back over to him and said, “I found the weirdest thing in my jewelry box today,” and gave him the black velvet box. He peeled it open and was confused, but I could tell the light bulbs were starting to turn on, one by one. Quickly, I pulled the positive pregnancy test from behind my back and he looked at me in disbelief, “Is this for real?” I think after it didn’t happen the first month we tried, we both assumed it would take a few months, or maybe even a year. I started crying and finally whispered, “We’re pregnant!”, his eyes filling with tears as well. It was one of the best moments we’ve ever shared together and I’m so glad I got it on film. We spent the next hour discussing when it could have happened, if we were hoping for a boy or girl, and how much our lives were going to change for the better.

It’s been a wild ride since and time feels like it has slowed down. I yearn to tell our family and friends, but we decided to wait until the 12-week mark, which is considered the ‘safe zone’. I ache to call my mom daily to ask her advice or bitch about a new pregnancy symptom, but know it will all be worth the wait when we see their reactions in person.

I’m excited for our next adventures and feel extremely blessed that we were able to get pregnant so quickly. I try not to worry and pray daily for a healthy, happy, strong, mild mannered, smart and spiritual baby. I can’t wait to tell him or her they can be and do anything their heart desires. I also can’t wait for them to teach me, and for us to grow together as a family. I’m so lucky to have Ryan as my partner. I couldn’t do it without him.

INTENTION: To learn from our children and grow into our best possible selves.

xo, Kaitlin

Kaitlin is the co-founder of Your Beautiful Story. After many jobs she feels she has finally found her passion. Check her out on Instagram @kaitdel or the YBS team @BeYoutiful_Story.