My Birth Story

I took a prenatal yoga class where the instructor, April, reads birth stories out loud from the mom's who used to attend class.  This is the story I was so lucky to share with them and now all you beautiful women! 

I have been waiting to tell this story since the day I walked into my prenatal yoga class 10 weeks pregnant!

After being told my baby was measuring 3 and 1/2 weeks ahead, I was pretty over being pregnant by the time I was 40 weeks and 5 days. I went to April's yoga twice a week and tried to continue with her DVD at home even after feeling like my babe was 'fully cooked'.

On Monday my mom and I walked for miles. Mostly around the beach, which we are lucky enough to have in our backyard, while shopping trying to make it fun, but I could tell the baby had dropped and it was rough on my body. I came home and was spotting pretty heavily, enough to call my doctor. He said as long as it wasn't bright red I was fine.

I woke up at 5:00am Tuesday morning with more heaving spotting and my contractions started at 5:20am, 10 minutes apart for 1 minute at a time. I laid in bed, breathing through them, waking my husband to tell him I thought today could be the day! I went upstairs, sat on my medicine ball and called my doctor to tell her my status. She said, "It sounds like a great day to have a baby!" and I finally allowed myself to get excited! When my contractions started to come 7-8 min apart, I went down and got in bed with my mom at 8:00am to tell her we were going to have her first grandchild that day! We talked while I breathed through them and when I got up to use the bathroom at 8:30am there was a big GUSH! My water broke! I was so excited because I heard women can have contractions for awhile, but not be admitted into the hospital until they are fully dilated or their water breaks. 

Everyone got in the shower and we headed to St. John's hospital in Santa Monica!

I was admitted right away and they hooked me up to a heartbeat/contraction monitor while I sat on my medicine ball (bring it if you have it!) and breathed out the contractions, which were sporadic and not getting closer together, which discouraged me. I took walks up and down the halls with my mom and husband. They didn't even check my dilation until I felt a POP in my gut and the rest of my water broke with the contractions coming 2-3 minutes apart and I begged for the epidural. Thankfully the anesthesiologist was 5 minutes out from a c-section and came in to poke me first (it felt like nothing compared to the pain of a contraction. I was dilated 4cm at 6:00pm and thought I hadn't made much progress at all, but supposedly those are the hardest to go through and everyone was impressed I made it 12 hrs with no epidural.

Determined to get him out before midnight, I rested while they started petocin and my contractions came closer together, but I couldn't feel a thing. They said at 6:00pm they would check me again at 10:00pm and although I felt the urge to push at 9:30pm I wanted to wait so I knew I'd be ready to go. The nurse walked in at 10:00p, looked up and said, 'Oh my, you're 10 cm and crowning. We need to call your doctor." Thankfully she lived only 10 minutes away and when she walked saying she had just tucked into bed I assured her she would be back in bed by 11pm (I believe in the power of positive thinking and focused on manifesting a quick delivery my entire pregnancy). My husband took my left leg, my mom took my right and my doctor taught me how to push in a quick 30 second tutorial. Every time I felt the urge to push we went into action! My family helped hold my drugged-up legs and my doctor encouragingly counted to 10 every time. 15 minutes of pushing and out came my handsome son. Pushing ended up being my favorite part because of how everyone came together and encouraged me the whole way until my baby was placed on my chest and tears of joy came streaming down. My doctor couldn't believe a first time mom pushed for only 15 minutes, but I told her about my amazing yoga teacher, April, and how I attributed it all to her.

Finnley Tuxill Delaney was born at 10:50pm on 10-14-14 at 8 lbs 1 oz and 21.5" long. The doctor said he would be 9 lbs so don't believe everything they say. Finn and myself are getting into the swing of things, but I do want to mention this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole life. I cry at least once a day, my nipples are raw with sores and I get 1 hour of sleep every 4-6 hours in a 24 hour period. BUT, when I see his little face, what can I do but feel all the love in the Universe is packed into one tiny little 8 pound package that I helped create. We are so grateful for his health and my health during his delivery. I wish every mom the best of luck with theirs and hope all are able to enjoy the labor experience as much as I did (I'd rather do it 10 times over than be pregnant for 10 months again, haha. Get that epidural ladies).

xxoo, Kaitlin

Kaitlin is the co-founder of Your Beautiful Story. After many jobs she feels she has finally found her passion. Check her out on Instagram @kaitdel or the YBS team @BeYoutiful_Story or Facebook.