Let’s discuss the “B” word. No, not “bitch” I’m talking about the other controversial “B” word: “bully”. The media has recently hyped up the negative effects of bullying so much that I’ve been inspired to play devil’s advocate. 

We’ve all been bullied in some capacity and in fact I believe it’s a part of life. In 4th grade I was bullied by my frenemy Amber, whom in various forms called me “fat”. The topic was particularly sensitive to me as my twin sister had always been thinner than me causing me to be very insecure. Deep down I didn’t actually believe that I was fat, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was physically “bigger” than my twin. 

Fast forward to post-college life and chasing my dreams in Los Angeles. During an acting/TV hosting class (how “LA” of me) the highly opinionated instructor informed me that I wasn’t “into” music enough to ever host a music show. (Um, how the heck would she know?) And told me I should pursue another point of interest in hosting.

Here’s where it comes full circle my friends! In both degrading situations I believe I triumphed. Dare I say it was partly due to the motivation this bullying gave me? Not only do I work as an on-camera personality as my profession (take that Amber!) but I broadcast music news daily and am a TV host for a music competition reality TV show.

All this being said, there is a different between a little smack talking and downright verbal abuse. You definitely need to know where the line is and don’t be afraid to stick up to Amber is she crosses it!

INTENTION: Take negativity and manifest it into encouragement.

xo, Misty

 Misty Kingma

Misty Kingma

Misty Kingma is an entertainment host & producer in Los Angeles, known for her black ray ban glasses. Misty is passionate about all things celebrity culture, pop music, social media and Youtube. Misty lives and motivates with the motto "Be Yourselfie". Follow Misty on Twitter or Tumblr and check out her website http://www.mistykingma.com