Wow... 2015.  Isn't this the year that you're allowed to open those time capsules you made back in elementary school? What would we have put in those things back in kindergarten anyway? Think about how much the world has changed even in the last few months, let alone YEARS. We are 1 quindecennial into the new millennium and time is f-l-y-i-n-g. Most of January we are overwhelmed with "New Year, New You" and resolutions galore.  But the bottom line is, the new year brings an opportunity to view your life as a spectator rather than a participant and encourage yourself to continue following your dreams! This way you can ensure you are living each day to the fullest, placing value on the things in your life that make you happy and being your best self!

We believe that taking a moment to reflect on your life and writing down your intentions is a great thing to do at any time, the beginning of the year is just another great excuse.

A few of our favorites:

  • Live minimally.  Spring cleaning is not just for the spring and no one likes clutter.  If you have items around your house, closet, garage or anywhere else that random gadgets and rejected belongings can pile up, take a second look!  Some items may sit around untouched for months at a time.  Donate this!  Donating these items to charity is not only a nice gesture but free's your mind of clutter and is cleansing.  Clean house, clean mind.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself.  The number 1 resolution of every year is to lose weight.  Go on a diet, work out more, stop eat fatty foods; we've heard it all.  It's nearly impossible to hold to that 100% of the time.  Everything in your life is a balance.  Listen to your body and if you end up indulging in dessert or missing a workout, don't beat yourself up over it.  Get back on the saddle and move forward.  A negative mind doesn't create a positive life (Check out Merry Henry's article here for some great tips).

  • Seize the day.  Every single morning you wake up is another page of your story.  Live in the moment, do what makes you happy, spend time with those you love and continue to follow your passions.

  • Try Something New. Do your friends always talk about a favorite yoga or pilates class, but you've been too scared to try it? Go with them! Is there a coffee shop or park you pass on the way to work that you wish you could pop a squat and write or read? Make the time! Whether it's traveling, tasting, seeing or doing, make the most of 2015 by putting yourself out there and trying things you never thought you would.

  • Practice gratitude and radiate love.  Showing love and appreciation to everyone who touches your life and having gratitude for how lucky you are goes a long way.  Write thank you notes. Send a special message to someone. Give compliments. Smile at a stranger. We will often write down the moments in our life that we are grateful for.  Never overlook what is in your life that truly brings you happiness.

Let's kick this year off right, live in balance, radiate love all over and continue being awesome.  The next chapter in our story looks beautiful. We know yours does too.