As we celebrate our year anniversary this July 4th, Stacey (ST) and Kaitlin (KD) took time to reflect on this past year developing and running Your Beautiful Story. Their answers are from the heart and prove how much their love and dedication to this beautiful project has affected people from around the globe.

How did you two meet?

ST:  Kaitlin and I met working in television production while living in Hollywood.  We instantly hit it off and I kinda followed her job to job because I couldn't stand to be away from my new bestie.  Kaitlin has become a sister to me and I am so grateful every day to be able to work together on something we are both so passionate about. 

KD: Stacey and I were lucky enough to meet each other while audience coordinating for On Camera Audiences in Los Angeles about 6 years ago. We clicked right away and she's always felt like the sister I never had!

Why did you want to embark on this business venture together?

ST: After working on various jobs together, we always were looking for something more.  We had the similar mentality of wanting to help people and make a difference in the world.  We never felt completely fulfilled in what we were doing and the second Your Beautiful Story came up in conversation, we both knew we had found something special. After working together for years, we understand each others strengths and weaknesses, making us a great team. 

KD: Stacey and I have always had a passion for the same things. We not only hopped from job-to-job together doing audience coordinating, public relations, production work and finally working at Red Bull's corporate headquarters together, but we also have a passion for the beauty of life, yoga and fitness. She has always been someone I go to when I need advice or a pick-me-up and since we had already worked together on so many different ventures, I knew she was someone I trusted, loved and had the same passions and goals as me. Put the two of us together and it's a lethal combination ;-)

What is your favorite part about Your Beautiful Story?

ST:  My favorite part about Your Beautiful Story is the connection and vulnerability that you see in people that you may have never known otherwise.  From sitting next to a stranger at a coffee shop to reading a story written by your loved ones, many of these stories would have never been told without Your Beautiful Story.  Having the opportunity to get a closer look into each others lives and seeing beauty of each of these women on the inside, is really indescribable. 

KD: My favorite part about YBS is getting to do what I love - writing and reading inspiring and life changing stories. Since it's a labor of love at the moment, Stacey and I work hard to gather new content and produce stories from ourselves and other beautiful women. Every time we get a new story, I am honored the woman has shared so much with us and the world. The stories are so touching to us and those that read them. I'm having so much fun watching the website grow and develop and am proud of where we are today.

What about YBS are you most proud of?

ST: I am most proud of the inspiration that each of our writers have given to other women.  Reading the strength and empowerment of another woman's story and being able to connect with that and relate it to your own life is so powerful.  Our writer's have made me laugh, cry, smile, appreciate life, view the world in a new light, you name it!  They truly embrace what Your Beautiful Story is all about and that is what I'm most proud of. 

KD: My favorite, most proud moment to date is not only how much we have learned and have grown (almost 400 Instagram followers and counting!), but specifically something that happened when a friend recently published her story with us. Renee Hall wrote for YBS for Father's Day and she was kind enough to post it on her social media to try to get us more followers. She wrote her dad an email telling him to check out the story. Not only did he respond that he had already read and loved it, but he said he was in tears and that it was something he really needed to hear at that moment. The power of the written word never ceases to amaze me. Renee's relationship with her father went to a whole new level because she chose to share a story and herself with her father and the world. We are so lucky to have freedom of speech and I think God every day for this gift of Your Beautiful Story: what it has done for not only Stacey and me, but the women who have written for us is life changing.

What are your goals and aspirations for 2016 & beyond, personally & professionally?

ST: My goals and aspirations for 2016 and beyond include a variety of new and exciting things.  First and foremost, I am becoming a certified yoga teacher this year, completing the 200 Hour RYT Training at Soho Yoga in Hermosa Beach.  I am so excited to start this awesome journey with the Soho family and looking forward to the happiness and strength this will bring me both on and off the mat.  Professionally, I plan to reach even more women throughout the world, get to know them and truly embrace and learn from every single woman's story.  I have been so impacted in just a year of having Your Beautiful Story live to the world and I can only imagine what the next year and future years will bring. 

KD: I would love to see Your Beautiful Story grow beyond our wildest dreams online and in print. It truly has changed my life for the better and I hope it continues to affect women in a positive way. Personally, I am raising my son full time, but hope eventually to do my yoga teacher training and continue my spiritual and fitness path here on earth. Professionally, I hope to make Your Beautiful Story a full time job, growing it big enough to hire more people and build it into something even more beautiful and amazing than it already is.