In my first story I recommended listening and paying attention to food situations around you. Stop before you start eating and observe where you are, people you are with and why you are eating.  Eat what you want but be in the moment and aware if you are really hungry or unconsciously eating just because everyone else is. 

I need to mention that you don't need to change anything you are doing right now.  Just observe and learn how to eat like a "normal" person.  Learn to listen to yourself and feel the power of making your own choices for your body and health.

Some of you may be trying to lose weight for a husband, boyfriend or multiple family members. Until you want to eat right all the time stay away from doing something to make someone else happy.  Resentment creeps in and eating becomes the only thing you can focus on.  Taking care of your body is your decision. Your weight loss will only be temporary until you want it badly enough.

My second recommendation is to read labels and measure portions.  Speaking of portions, just because "1 cup" is a serving size doesn't mean you need to eat that much.  Try eating half a portion of what they suggest.  If you are still wanting more get up and get more.  Eat as much as you want, but make yourself get up to get it, again, eat half of what is suggested.  Eating off of a smaller plate and bowl are a good idea too.  Less looks like more.

When you are able to actively thinking of why you are eating stop and be aware of what you are feeling.  Do you really want to feel stuffed and uncomfortable?  Can you visualize what this food is doing in your body?  Fried food feels greasy in your mouth, which means it is greasy in your blood stream.  Eat fruit or vegetables first and then if you still want something unhealthy, eat it!  The natural flavors beat out the processed ones when you pay attention. 

I am not saying you can't eat something when you want to and please don't say you are "being bad"  when you overindulge.  You see it, you want it, so go ahead and eat it.  Feeling deprived is not necessary.  You are in charge of what you want to eat and no one else.  If you keep over eating even after you have tried the above suggestions just remind yourself you are not on a diet you are relearning to eat the way nature intended. There is no race to get to a certain weight. 

Last week I suggested you become aware of food situations and this week I am suggesting you look at portions.  Again, it is awareness and feeling what you feel.  Do not ever feel like a failure in this process.  When you are ready you will do it for yourself because that is the only person it really makes a difference to.

INTENTION:  When I am ready, I will do it for myself.

xo, Merry

 Merry Henry

Merry Henry

Merry Henry is a licensed real estate agent for Lake to Lake Real Estate in Geneva, New York. She just celebrated 31 years of marriage and is a mother of 3. Her hobbies include water skiing, snow skiing and reading. Find her on Facebook @Merry Tuxill Henry.