I have always thought of myself as a "glass is half full type" of person.  So about 15 years ago when I was going through a difficult time and I had the feeling like I was going deeper  and deeper into a dark hole, well it took me completely by surprise.  I had never felt like that before and for the first time in my life I found that I couldn't snap myself out of it.  I guess you could say I had reached my rock bottom.  Oddly enough, just prior to all of this a friend of mine had told me about this amazing Kundalini yoga course she was studying and it had peaked my interest enough that I went on line and ordered a DVD so I could try it at home.  

One Friday afternoon I was going about my life, being a Mom, running errands when that dark gloomy feeling came in more than it ever had.  I felt stuck and depressed and like life felt bleak.  I knew I absolutely had to do something to snap myself out of this (I didn't even recognize myself).  So I went home, locked myself in my bedroom and all by myself I followed the Yoga DVD and immediately afterwards I took a long hot bath and when I was done, I kid you not but I felt 100% better.  It was so dramatic that I began doing the DVD daily, and my friend mentioned that if you do something for 40 Days you make or break a habit that can change your life, so I continued and completed my 40 Days and from that point on I was completely hooked.  

A big part of why it had such a dramatic impact on me was that prior to that I had never taken time for me. My connection to myself was starving. This was the first time I had put my own needs on my "to do" list.  And it became the beginning of my spiritual journey and having an actual connection to myself.   Life truly began to change for me in a whole new way that I never could have expected.  

Following all of this I took my yoga teacher training, created two of my own yoga DVD's, and I've been teaching for 13 years. I discovered cleansing and all its benefits, went to nutrition school for holistic health and a school for esthetics. Currently I am still teaching yoga (of course) as well as training on a facial machine that has been said to be and "all natural face lift".  All of these modalities are really about creating a feeling of wholeness that comes from being connected to yourself. 

INTENTION: Plant the seed of new growth in your life by starting something new for the next 40 days and miracles will unfold like you've never imagined. Even 5 minutes of focused energy a day can have an enormous impact.

All of my love,

xo, April

April Bernardi

April Bernardi

April Bernardi has been on a spiritual journey of self discovery for nearly 15 years. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher, the creator of Transformation through Kundalini Yoga DVD & Art of Creation Pre-Natal DVD, co-writer of the children's book "Magic in the Mirror", and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative for Holistic Health and Academy of Beauty for Esthetics & Skin Health. Currently she is teaching yoga classes and getting ready to open a spa with a focus on skin health and an amazing technology that has been called "the all natural Face Lift".

April's yoga DVD's and children's book are available on Amazon. Follow April on Facebook and check out her website www.goldenyogini.com.